Images And Words 2013 Calendar Months Jan - June

Welcome To Our Calendar Submissions created by our members.

Kia Has done a wonderful job editing and placing most of the I&W's into this neat format.

I will place more of these to complete the calendar soon
Cheers Milli.

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  1. these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Fabulous work - looking forward to the rest. hugs

  3. Very awesome.. Thanks for sharing them here. Hugs, Lil

  4. Oh wow! These are awesome.
    Kia you did a fantastic job. I
    know it took a lot of work.
    I love all of the months..

  5. I submitted the month of May...but it doen't seem to be included?

  6. If you check here Calendar 2013 you will find your July entry.

  7. Hi Linda. You can find your photo on Flickr and I have included yours here now too.. Kia was unable to make all of the months up because it turned out to be very time consuming and difficult for her. So we only have a few samples of her work here. The link to the Flickr Album is here..