Sunday, February 21, 2010

Images and Words Week 42: My Favourite Season

We are just one week away from Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere in South Australia and this got me to thinking how beautiful Autumn can be in our part of the World.

A  good Autumn here would be likened to an Indian Summer and sunsets at this particular time of the year until April, can be quite spectacular and very vibrant, so I will be on the watch out with my camera at the ready, for more of these magic moments to capture in the near future. 

However, as I sit here tonight preparing this post I am acutely aware of the insects chorusing outside in the garden, singing their shrilling little chorus, for all who wish to listen. Cicadas and crickets sing out loudly, in the cool of this beautiful Summer evening. Their little songs don't go unnoticed by me, as their harmony persists and permeates through the calmness and quiet of my immediate surroundings in this gentle and melodic moment. Such a lovely time to write this post.

This week I have chosen my Images and Words photo from a previous Autumn and now once again I look forward to the return of

 My Favourite Season Autumn.

Now it is your turn as I ask you to present for this week's Images and Words

Your Favourite Season of the Year.

Enjoy Your Week and Cheers From Milli .


The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.


  1. Milli, that is simply gorgeous.... Fall is my favorite as well. Off to look for a picture.

  2. how do i get all four seasons in one picture...hmmmmmmm

    you captured one beautifully

  3. I am sure that you will do Fall such justice Lanie.

  4. Yes, I remember that great shot Milli, and that's a fab theme. You won't get me thinking of Autumn yet though as this is high Summer here and one of the hottest days today, and I spent most of my day in the water lol.

    Dana, you can always do a collage lol? Great idea actually....

  5. Dana if you love Every season make a Collage? I don't mind. Smiles!

  6. beautiful shot Millie.. now to figure out my favorite season.

  7. Hi Mia and we are not finished with hot here either. What a great place to spend your hot day cool water..nice!
    We both thought the same thing lol with a collage.

  8. I will be back in my AM to see your wonderful I&W entries and Joel's work of blog customizing art too. Enjoy everyone! This is going to be fun!!!

  9. Lanie just saw this
    will check.
    Yes it is week 42 but of course I did not count the banner post as a week so please feel free to change it and I will too.

  10. Awesome subject Milli...Love you shot..I will be back later this evening with mine...

  11. Great idea for the theme MIlli. Difficult choice, as I like all the seasons, but I think summer is best. Love you autumn colours :-))


    I have a feeling we are about to witness some breathtaking photos here this "Milli's". Seems so strange she is entering autumn while I am entering spring! I share your love of the season, Milli...we simply don't have it in South Central Florida~ striking photo!

    IMAGES & WORDS #42~My Favorite Season~ *SPRING*

  13. Milli your lovely description warms my heart, brings a peaceful wonderful, relaxing joy. One I've experienced many Autumn nights. It does your brilliant colorful photo justice bringing the memories back of my favorite season. Love love love your words, your photo and Albert Camus' line. I'll have to come back in awhile to post. I believe I have more photo files of Autumn than any other season.

  14. Gorgeous photo! Being a "wino" myself (I'm from the Napa Valley and we moved to this part of Idaho because we like its budding wine culture) I absolutely love the autumn colors of grape vines :-)

    I'm going to have to think about this theme for a little while because I'm having difficulty choosing between spring and autumn. Summer and winter have their virtues too, but photographically I prefer spring and autumn. I'll be back with my entry!

  15. Back with mine and will be around to enjoy your posts. Husband wants to smell his breakfast cooking.

  16. This is always fun to think of. Love your entry. Love the photo and the colors you captured. Fall is so wonderful, but?
    I like em all so I could not pick just one. Here is my feelings on this one.

  17. I love the photo, Milli ..and this...

    "I am acutely aware of the insects chorusing outside in the garden, singing their shrilling little chorus, for all who wish to listen. Cicadas and crickets sing out loudly, in the cool of this beautiful Summer evening. Their little songs don't go unnoticed by me, as their harmony persists and permeates through the calmness and quiet of my immediate surroundings in this gentle and melodic moment."

    Sheer poetry!

  18. I Love the Colours Milli.

    I Love all the Seasons except Summer.
    So I'm choosing Spring, when the forest floor is carpeted with Bluebells.

  19. It was a tough choice, but at my home spring is in the air so that is what I chose!

  20. I really like your autumn leaves. I had one like that this past fall. It had blown over from a neighbor's yard, and I picked it up and saved it.

    Here's mine:

  21. Yeah lovely shot, Springtime is rather special too

  22. I like what you said about autumn.
    Your picture is so pretty. And is a good representation
    of autumn.

  23. Thanks, Milli, for your visit and kind words. That horrible flooding was not on the mainland Portugal, however we are all sad for what those people on the Madeira island are suffering now.

  24. The images on the TV news were quite horrific Belita and yes we are sad for them also.

  25. Oh yes, I have been very much shocked watching and watching those images which I presume are not very different (perhaps the same?) from those you saw. I have been to Madeira for several times, already, and hardly could I believe how that beautiful 'pearl of the Atlantic', as it is commonly named, has suddenly turned into that horrible condition. Humans are often defeated by Nature inclemencies...

  26. Such true words Belita, nature is a force to reckon with. We can be powerless when caught in the extremes of Nature.
    Work beckons me now and I will be back later to view more of these Beautiful Season posts.

  27. great photo milli.. and i like the second spring idea

  28. Thanks Milli for a beautiful theme, your photo is gorgeous and Albert's quote is perfectly wise.