Sunday, March 7, 2010

Images & Words #44- Strength In Numbers

Hi Dear Images & Words Friends,

Welcome back for another round of Images & Words.

Mia here, having the pleasure of hosting this week and I've chosen the theme "Strength in Numbers".
I hope you will have fun with it!



What if there were four moons instead of one?
would the wolves howl louder
and the sun then barely shine?

With the four moons up there
would the tide suck oceans dry?
Maybe it would affect gravity
and then we could all fly!
By Mia

Rules of the site:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography. Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene.
Posts can either have one word on them, quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.
All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here. New topics will be posted on Sundays. Posts can be made through Saturday.
One post per person only please.
Please remember to post a decent sized picture and if the words aren't easy to read, just type them underneath your photo.
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  1. Hmmmmm..... ok I gotta look....

  2. Ohhhh great theme!
    lovely shot, now lets see what I can find
    have a wonderful Sunday all

  3. Nice theme Mia, think it is an easy choice of picture for me this week. LOL
    Great picture

  4. Great topic and shot Mia...... Love the details on the moon... Be back with my link in a bit.

  5. LOL! How'd you do that anyway?

  6. Just did it all in Picnik, layered in the other moons.

  7. Thanks Lanie, it was fun playing around with it!

  8. Amazing shot, Mia! I wonder how you could do that.... Very cute words!

  9. Wow Mia you sure have made lunar look good here. Now I need to go do some number crunching too.

  10. Ha ha ha Dana, but did you fly though lol?

  11. great montage mia -now what will I do my oh my well will go look

  12. I got mine up. hope it fits the theme and your idea of it

    ~*~{ 599 = 611 }~*~

  13. Your site is marked for private :)

  14. Hi everyone.. Isn't that the loveliest night sky ever seen? Great stuff, Mia!

    Mine's something from the ocean:

  15. here's mine. Off to work now, will catch up with the others when I get home this eve.. What I've seen so far is great work.

    I hope everyone has finally gotten a taste of a promised spring. Sure been a long time coming!

    That is an awesome night sky you have presented to us, Mia...beautifully done.
    Images and Words #44~ STRENGTH in NUMBERS~

  17. Beautiful poetry. I'm on my way over to your page to see the whole thing.

    This is my entry. Strength in numbers, having more to love to live for, to come home for

  18. OH now I see the moons. Very cool!

  19. I like your multiple moons Mia :-)) I struggled to find something this week, but finally got one posted:

  20. Very intriguing photo and challenging concept!

    Let contemplate this over a cup of morning coffee, and then I shall I return with my entry!

  21. Ok, why is this not showing in my inbox all of a sudden? Gotta catch up now....

  22. lol Lanie... I too try to keep up with the new notices of posts in the inbox, trying to make it to everyones links. Then I sometimes I panic, sweat bullets wondering after leaving their post with a comment... did I click the submit button?

    Ok I don't always go to everyone's post. Sometimes I can be as stinky as the members who aren't team players. Those who enjoy us visiting theirs but too self centered to visit or comment on ours

  23. some of you who have visited have shown interest in what type birds I posted and other questions. I have now provided some info on the post if anyone cares to go back to read....TY for the interest in one of our endangered birds!

  24. LOL, it happens.... I've done it too, no biggie.

  25. <<< meekly raises hand....lowers head and slinks out da happens!

  26. There's another "blue moon" comiong out at the end of this month. Four? That'll be a treat! Thanks Mia :)

  27. wow Really love your photo and words and what a beautiful musical piece! I love coming to your work! Thanks so much for another beautiful entry :)

  28. Hi 'Yall,
    I struggled with this weeks Images & Words.
    I have the numbers (in both senses) but was unable to test their Strength, hee hee

  29. i absolutely love this =) well done in all areas... btw, i REALLY love the header pic of the train tracks and camera... that's outstanding!!!

  30. lmao would the world then suck more to offset the gravity of the situation ..:P..nice editing mia and the poem makes me laugh and scratch my scales and go hmmmmmm...the music is just what i need to wind my day down...nice job here lady
    Gators Triple
    Play #30

  31. This is a fun one. Here is mine.

    Now to check out everyone's. Love the shots of the moons. If we had more than one, the night photography would take off big time.

  32. Mia this is a great theme. Very different. love what you did.\ with
    the Moons. Very clever. The music and words fit perfectly.
    Excuse my typing I am on my Ipod Touch.