Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Post a Good Sized Picture in a Blog

As some of you might not have seen this, we agreed that I post these tips again as a separate blog:

Some tips to post a "larger" photo in a blog:

There are several options, but these are the ones I use:

Uploading to Flickr or Photobucket, then copying and pasting the HTML code from there. You can choose
the size you want, but 800 x 800 or Large usually gets you a good size. You can also change the size in the HTML code to whatever you want, as long as you keep the proportions of course. You just adjust the size figures..

Also what I've started doing lately is to post from my Multiply Album, but instead of using the
share code I click up to the "Slide-show" choose a suitable size there (usually 600x600) and then just copy and paste the photo itself to the blog. Some programs will let you "drag" and "drop", my Mac won't, and also dragging and dropping means you have to have two windows open..

Often the "share code" doesn't give me a big enough photo for my taste (so then I use the "slide show option"),  but usually it's sufficient, so you don't need to click it up to see..

Remember when you use a HTML code to tick in the "Edit HTML" box up to the right in your compose blog page,
or your photo won't come up in the blog...

Most photo sites and groups have guide lines
for posting similar to the following example:

Max size: 800 pixels wide and/or no more than 700 pixels tall.
Min size: 640 pixels wide and/or no more that 700 pixels tall.
Panos only: No more than 950 pixels wide.

Another way of doing it is this:

One simple method for posting a high-res image from your computer to your Multiply blog page begins with posting an image through the blog edit window. I usually set the access to individual people and untic "send to the Multiply Inbox" until I finish this process. Just follow these steps:
    1.    Open a blog edit window by selecting "Post" and then selecting "Blog."
    2.    Click on "Insert Images."
    3.    Select the option to add an image from "Your Computer."
    4.    Locate the image on your computer, select the file and click "open."
    5.    A screen will appear that allows you to align your picture. Choose left, center or right.
    6.    Now the image will appear in your blog edit window. "Save and publish" to exit the window. After you publish the blog you should see a small image similar to the image below.

Click on the picture to access the high-res image.
    1.    Right-click on the high-res image and select "copy" from the drop-down menu.
    2.    Use the "back" function in the upper left corner of the page to go back to the previous page.
    3.    Select "edit" to reopen your blog edit window and paste the high-res image into the window (right-click and select "paste" from the drop-down menu.)
Click on the image (8 small boxes should appear around the image,) then use the "justification" feature in the blog edit window to align the new image.
Add any text you want to your blog entry.
You are ready to publish but first select the "access" and tic "send to the Multiply Inbox." Use "Preview and Spell Check" to view your finished product, then publish. After publishing go to your blog entry to see if you are satisfied with the results. If not make adjustments.

Hope this helps...
Come back to me or the other admins if any more



  1. I hope they read this.....I will not click to enlarge anymore....

  2. Those of us who used your tips last week are very happy to have gotten the info. I must admit that photos posted in a larger size are quite impressive.......but If i didn't have the time to click to enlarge then I would be missing out on some fabulous shots. I think any member of this group is worth an additional 3-5 seconds! thanks again, Mia!

  3. if they don't have time or the ability to post a good size then why bother....they go to the trouble to tell me ''click to enlarge''....go the effort and post a real shows me ineptitude on their part

  4. Glad it helped Linda. It's so very easy to just copy and paste from the slide show though, much easier
    than to upload pics from the blog and then wait for it to load I've found. And yes, it doesn't take that long
    to click up, but if you're in a hurry and you multiply the extra time it takes with the growing number
    of posts here, it's worth checking it out for everybody's sake. I know that some other photo sites
    won't look at pics they have to click up anymore, we haven't gone that far for the reasons you state above lol..

    Also consider the extra control you have on your own Blogs when you know this. I have some friends
    who post very interesting travel blogs or garden Blogs etc, with lots of great photos in them,
    but on a laptop like mine for instance, the photos cannot be enjoyed to the full without the photos being of
    a decent size....

  5. I have to laugh...this is such a tiny issue that i can't even imagine anyone getting so flustered over it.
    Admittedly it is a very easy step to have a larger sized photo in your blog.............BUT.....there were/are people who do NOT know how that is done. I have to stick to my opinion though ......if a photo is not of a larger size ( for whatever reason) and the viewer wishes not to take the's THEIR LOSS not the publisher......

  6. Yes, absolutely, that's why I posted this blog, I hope it's easy
    to follow those instructions? If any problems, please come back
    to me and ask. We admins will still click up and look at smaller
    images, I'm just putting up this information for everyones benefit,
    trusting it might be helpful in many situations.

    Most photo sites have guidelines for sizing of photos, here is
    a very common one:

    Max size: 800 pixels wide and/or no more than 700 pixels tall.
    Min size: 640 pixels wide and/or no more that 700 pixels tall.
    Panos only: No more than 950 pixels wide.

  7. That's an opinion Dana, and not one that we admins hold.

    We only try to be helpful and inspiring here, and certainly don't want to discourage anyone from taking part because things
    aren't done to perfection. It's all for fun and enjoyment!

  8. Thanks Mia !!!! Hopefully this helps everyone out. Great info for doing blogs on their own pages too...

  9. I agree! Even though the photos I post are large originally, the theme I have on my page causes the photos to shrink to fit into the layout. I would love for my photos to post larger, but I'm not changing my theme. I participate for my own enjoyment, not to cater to the other people on here. In my opinion, if someone is going to get an attitude and complain about my pictures not being big enough, then I wouldn't want them commenting on my pictures in the first place. :)

  10. ty.. i didt post to the picture perfect contest because i didnt know how to do this.. i will try on my next post here. TY AGAIN!