Sunday, September 12, 2010

Images & Words #71- FRESH

Hi Friends,

Mia here. As some of you might have noticed I'm back on line again and this week
I've chosen the theme "Fresh" for you to chew on lol... So anything that fits that
word is great with me.. This is a photo I took of one of my favorite subjects:
Water Lilies. I think they always look so fresh and colorful growing in the water...
I hope you enjoy this theme and my photo.
Orewa Lilies for NEM

Fresh in the bright light
we reach towards the Heavens
petals unfolding

The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.

There's been a couple of discussions around the rules, so please remember that the photo should be your own, not off the Internet and also if possible, post the photo large enough so nobody has to click it up if they don't want to take that extra time. If you have any problems with that, or anything else, please contact me or another admin.  We are here to help and would like
to encourage you all to have a go and get creative and most important,
to have fun!!!


PS some tips to post a "larger" photo in a blog:

There are several options, but these are the ones I use:

Uploading to Flickr or Photobucket, then copying and pasting the HTML code from there. You can choose
the size you want, but 800 x 800 or Large usually gets you a good size.

Also what I've started doing lately is to post from my Multiply Album, but instead of using the
share code I click up to the "Slideshow" choose a suitable size there (usually 600x600) and then just copy and paste the photo itself to the blog.

Often the "share code" doesn't give me a big enough photo for my taste,  but usually it's big enough so you don't need to click it up to see..

Remember when you use a HTML code to tick in the "Edit HTML" box up to the right in your compose blog page,
or your photo won't come up in the blog...

Here is another way of doing it, thanks
msnuser for sharing this with us:

Hope this helps...


  1. Love your Lily shots Mia this one is awesome.. Let me go think of something fresh

  2. Hi there Lanie, thanks! Looking forward to yours

  3. Go with your first thought Joel, I'd love to see it ha ha ha..

  4. Beautiful photo and words, Mia. What a cool theme you've given us. This is gonna take some thought, but I'm gonna have a fresh cup of coffee before i attempt thinking.

  5. Thanks Vic, you can photograph your coffee now lol

  6. This is a beautiful shot, Mia ! Crisp and clear and natural !
    Water lilies are an amazing flower......this is an amazing capture of them!

    Your words tell a story!

  7. Mia as fresh as a lilly there, great to have you back.
    I love your photo and haiku, both are very beautiful.
    Now after reading your extra note here too I think it explains everything well.
    I am also available for any one who needs my help.
    Off to make my post, this will be fun.
    Images & Words Week 71 Fresh

  8. What beautifully fresh water lilies! This is going to be a fun challenge!

    Here's my entry:

  9. Back with my Fresh entry.... Little different then my normal but I couldn't resist this one..Hope you enjoy it !!!!

  10. might be a couple days ...have a plate full and just not enough time to devote ..but I know where I'm headed

    *last week it was mentioned the possibility of a tutorial on how to post our photos in larger sizes so that people who are in a HURRY need not click to enlarge. I believe there are SEVERAL of us wanting this info....rahter then an admin. being swamped with PM's asking "HOW TO", is it possible a turorial can be blogged here at this site?* THANKS!!!!!!

    Images and Words #71 ~ FRESH ~

  12. Yes, of course Linda!

    Just for now I will say there are several options, but these are the ones I use:

    Uploading to Flickr, then copying and pasting the HTML code from there. You can choose
    the size you want, but 800 x 800 or Large usually gets you a good size.

    Also what I've started doing lately is to post from my Multiply Album, but instead of using the
    share code I click up to the "Slideshow" choose a suitable size there (usually 800x800) and then
    just copy and paste the photo itself to the blog.

    Maybe there are other tips that can be shared here?

  13. OMG That's a gorgeous photo! I love the spectral highlights on the leaves and the backlighting on the flowers.

    Wonderful open theme. Allow me to have a cup of coffee and then I'll be back with my entry :-)

  14. Thanks folks for the kind comments here. Some wonderful entries already, please keep them coming!

    Here is a link to my own entry: Beware it's R rated lol

  15. A very lovely capture, Mia. The colors are amazing! I love the dark aqua blue of the water against the satiny pale green sheen of the lily pads, and the lilies themselves are a striking contrast. It's just beautiful!

    Thanks for hosting, it's a lovely theme!

    Images and Words Week # 71 ~ Fresh

  16. I very much like this option as I don't want to go OUTSIDE of Multiply for 'one more step' to get something posted. I shall try this....ty, ty, ty Mia!!

  17. Yes, I agree with that Linda, unless you use Picnik or Flickr for editing anyway, it is an extra step.
    Sometimes you can just copy and paste straight from your Multiply albums and it's a big enough
    size (or use the share code), but most often I find they come out on the small side, and I was
    happy when the slide show option was added and the setting choices there...

  18. UHOH!!!!! I tried the option 800x800 from's TOOOOO BIGGGGGGGGG....LOL

    If ANYONE has time to view this change and make a suggestion....would much appreciate it....THANKS!!

  19. Exactly what I do Mia... I always post it in an album first then copy the url from here.

  20. Just choose a smaller size Linda, 600x600 might do it...

  21. The thing is Joel that the url often comes up on the small side too, at least for me. So I click up to "Slideshow" and then choose a size there in settings and just copy the image and then post it to my blog...

  22. Beautiful words .... and that picture is simply amazing ... truly gorgeous.
    Here is mine ....

  23. Hi friends, it's getting very late for me here (or rather early lol) so I'm off to bed. Looking forward
    to seeing more of your entries tomorrow!

  24. Great theme! I will return with my piece.

    Your photo is astonishing and fresh indeed. Perfect Haiku.

  25. always loved these someday I will have some to

  26. Okay, i'm back with mine. Also, admiring your lilies ag'n. Makes me think I should put in a lil pond here.

  27. Wellcome back Mia. What you have chosen for this week is totaly gorgeous. I have never seen lilys so higg very interesting.

  28. so nice to read lovely greetings from denmark I m on holidays

  29. Hi Mia, don't know if it will enlarge or not like you mentioned. Here is mine.

    Images and Words Fresh

  30. Oh my gosh Mia the colors are gorgeous. This photo I can drink from and dream on.

    I'll be back hopefull tonight with a posting of my own and to enjoy the members postings.

    I've attended a bridal shower for my niece to be (ok she's already fits in the family like a fine glove) Ooooo glove is not a good description) lolololol her and my nephew met in dentist school and are practicing. He's a Bears fan YES! She's a Colts fan (WE forgive HER)

    Now I'm getting ready for my kids and g'daughters visit. The dust ruffle to the crib is washedand ironed, the crib needs to be made, all other beds have fresh linens and new comforters... now there's that over accumulation of dog hair each time my dogs move, shake or drop. Did I mention they are bringing their 4 dogs.

    I'm an idiot but at least a clean idiot before the circus comes to town and I won't give a hoot.

  31. What an absolutely Wonderful Picture.
    One of my favourites so far.
    Water Lillies have a special meaning for me and my Angel!!

  32. Well dang it! Why am I not gettin these updates?

  33. Here's mine...I wanted to be funny this week...tee hee..:)

    cool picture of flower, i like it! :)

  34. I squeezed a shot in this morning....edited in Pickik which loads straight into my Photobucket...which gives me this perfect size post everytime

  35. Thanks friends for your wonderful posts this far. Remember you have to Saturday to post, so no rush for those who are a bit busy right now....

    I have added some "photo posting tips" to my Blog here now. Hope it helps for those who would like to post bigger (good for your own blogging too). Let me know if any questions, I'm happy to come and help and so are the other Admins..

  36. too many programs involved. I prefer staying right in Multiply

  37. the tip you provided w0rks great for me.....I don't want to go to other programs outside of Multiply. I tried your beautifully.......passed the info onto 3 contacts and now, like me, are THRILLED........TY!!!

  38. That's super Linda, glad it was helpful!

  39. Wow , My favourite post .
    I Love Water Lillies..
    So Beautiful Mia.
    Water Lillies have a Special meaning for me and My Cowboy!!

  40. Feel free to link to the page. I made some minor adjustments to the instructions. Thanks for your comments.

  41. Thanks very much for that. I will include a link to your site in the instructions above..

  42. Mia, I hope you don't mind this.... this is how I post my pictures in blogs...

  43. You're welcome, hope it helps someone.

  44. The photo and poem are outstanding.!! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  45. Thanks for that Lanie. It's actually what I described in the blog up top, but instead of dragging and dropping, I just copy and paste, which means that you don't need any windows open simultaneously. My Mac
    and some other programs won't let you drag and drop. But I think copy and paste is so much easier in this case anyway..

  46. Msnuser's link that I included up top describes how you can do a similar action with using your photos straight from your computer or the net as well as your album, so worth looking at.. Then you don't
    always have to upload to your Multiply album first which is good.

    sorry it's so late and I fell off the face of the earth! I'm back for good I promise!

  48. A favorite subject of mine, also. I began taking photos of lillies in a black and white 35 mm photography class many years ago in college. They were taken at Cheekwood in TN. I now live near the TN river and am once again getting shots of lillies but ours have white blossoms. This is a lovely shot!

  49. kids went to chicago to visit my daughter inlaws family

    I got a breather and

    I got a post and can come visit yours