Sunday, May 22, 2011

Images & Words ......... 2nd Annual Banner Contest

Welcome to our Second Annual Images & Words Banner Contest. Seems like we just did this ....boy how time flies.

Rules ....

Please make sure and post you banner in at least a 250 x 650 size. Larger is okay too but smaller will keep you from getting entered into the Top 10.

No square or round banners...

ONE entry only per person....

Banners must have either Images & Words or Images And Words on it noticeably in order for it to be considered for the Top 10.....

June 5th will be the voting for the Top 10......

Last day to post a banner for the contest is Tuesday May 31st.....

I may, or may not do a video again this year .If you do not want your banner in the video tell me ahead of time....

I always forget something so we reserve the rights to change the rules if something does arise...

Thanks again and we are looking forward to seeing everyone's entries.

The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.

Second Annual Banner Contest

Please click here to enlarge.


  1. Let's see what I can submit...

  2. have a good thought for this one

  3. Here's mine. The closest dimensions Picnik would give me is 650x299. Hope that's okay, Joel.

  4. I have mine, but we're in a truck stop in Boise, Idaho about to leave for Oregon. Mine is saved in picnic, and I'll try to get it this afternoon when we stop...

  5. Hi Joel that is such a lovely scene there on your banner.
    I had trouble deciding which banner to submit LOL. Made a couple.
    Anyway I chose this one here.....Images & Words ~~2nd Annual Banner Contest

  6. a beautiful "drink-in scene" love the natural wonders !

    The picture I chose is one of my BEST...for many reasons......however, I am disappointed with the resizing as I feel it distorts a magnificent scene......The resizing seemed to have reduced a vibrantly live photo into something dull and listless...OH WELL !

    GREETINGS ALL.......
    Images & Words " 2nd Annual Banner Contest "

  7. This banner is beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous banner!

    Lanie, are you still here in Boise?

    TO EVERYONE: If you're going to be in Boise and will have time to stop and photograph (and eat) puleeze let me know!

    BTW, Dana, the place where were photographing is all flooded now!

  9. Also, my bad luck with family health is continuing. Our chicken is sick again, so is one of our parakeets (Zeiss, her mate's name is Carl so together they're Carl and Zeiss, and all the humans have had the stomach flu this week including me. Ugh. So, I'll try to post a banner...maybe tomorrow?

  10. I think our area flooding is is all in and just got a quick shower to settle the plants in...

  11. Amy, no, we're in Oregon now. We had very very internet access there, we were on our IPhones, lol.

  12. Oh Dear Amy you have had such a bad run this year so far.
    Looking forward to your banner entry once you feel up to making it.
    All the best to your family and pets too.

  13. It is so good to have you back Pat.

  14. And may you have a very prolific crop there Dana.

  15. Here's my entry. Not sure I resized it right as I don't know how to do that sort of thing

    Rockin' Heart Ranch I&W Banner Contest

  16. Ok, here's was so hard to figure which picture to use! It's 676 X 449...I hope that's ok. I can do a 500X332 as well.....

  17. Love your banner Joel.
    The one's I have seen so far
    are fantastic.
    Here is my attempt.

  18. what a lot of fun.

    I've changed them to correct ampersand instead of 'with'.

    My entry is at ...

    within my Photos section, an album of another three I had to select from.

  19. You might like to add the link here for the other banner photos Lynne.

  20. Ah, the countryside...there's nothing quite like it :-). Beautiful shot Joel.

    I'll be back tomorrow to see everyone's entries.

  21. Amazing entries so far.... Love them !!!!

  22. Oh this will be a blast just like the last time.

  23. There are a lot of great ones here. Fun stuff. Off to look at all of them. Here is my entry banner.

  24. Love all of the Banners--Her eis Mine--this is Haiku and a Koi Photo of mine--Barb W
    Haiku Banner.jpg

  25. Milli, thanks for the suggestion.

    For those interesting in seeing my other attempts, go to this (changed) photo album...

  26. Everyone should check out Kimmy's entry - it's a Beauty!

  27. Sorry, Lynne, but your site is closed.

  28. Just a reminder here good folks from Images and Words group.
    When ever you post a link in here would you please make it for viewing by everyone.
    That way it can be shared as was the intention in the first instance of posting your link.

  29. On another note I have been around visiting the extremely talented I&W's New Banner Entries.
    Something that I have noticed is that it seems some have not understood that a banner must contain the Actual Words: Images And Words or Images & Words is also acceptable.
    To use this banner on our group site here which it will be used if chosen or at a later date and also for the video Joel has hinted at making, can you make sure that your fabulous entry does have these words displayed so as to be seen when the banner is downsized here, like the banner Joel has made especially for our group this month.
    Still time for more banner entries and then let the fun begin!

  30. Thanks Milli you took the word out of my mouth..... Please make sure it does have the site name on your banner...Images & Words or Images And Words ... I know I forgot to put it in the rules but it will be there in a minute......

  31. Hello.
    I've modified My Entry to include "Images & Words" that is more readily seen.
    Thank you for enlightening me.

  32. DrWoe and MilliMusings - I used the group name as in the URL and the group logo in right panel front page - "Images With Words".
    Is that acceptable?

  33. Lynne, you need to open your page if you want to take part in this.

  34. For the Banner itself if that is what you wanted to use then fine but for the comp mode you will need to change the words to what Joel has suggested "Banners must have either Images & Words or Images And Words on it noticeably in order for it to be considered for the Top 10....."

  35. As far as I know, it's always been open to "Everyone", and I've just checked both the entry blog and the photo album settings; they're both set to "everyone".
    Please try again? Thanks for the heads-up; it made me verify the settings


    Yes, entry was set for Everyone.

    I'd not realised that my site was accessible to Contacts only. Have changed it back to Everyone. Thanks for the warning.

  36. Uh-oh - which Lynne are you addressing? There are more than one of us here. My entry is open to Everyone.
    Or have I missed something?
    Yep, I'd missed something. My whole site was set as accessible to contacts only. I've set it to Everyone now.

    And I think I'm going to regret it, as I Hate getting junk mail in my Inbox.
    I'd always thought you could restrict your site but allow open access to particular content. Shut.

    But thanks for the notice.

  37. I just checked both your links and they say your page is closed Lynne.

  38. AH OK Lynne, you don't have to open your whole site, only the page with your entry and the album one if you wish people to see it. Just edit and change your settings to "everyone" on that one page.

  39. Mia, thanks - that was what I thought, and had set up. Originally, I had my Site set to Contacts,
    but specific posts set for access by Everyone.
    With those settings, I've had members from groups not yet a specific "contact"
    able to pop in and view and reply.

    I'm totally confused now - I've changed my site's access to Everyone,
    and now you can't get into the banner entry which is also set for Everyone?

    < sigh > back to check settings.

  40. Lynne, I checked again and now I can see both! Don't touch anything lol!

  41. Whew!

    THANKS (and good luck with your entry)

  42. LOL@ Don't Touch anything...geeze this blogging biz can be so frustrating.

  43. We are still limited to one entry per person that correct?

  44. Yes Rita still limited to one per person !!!!

  45. Here's mine! Better late than never, I hope!

    Amy's Banner

  46. Naarta (& anyone else looking at my album)
    I wasn't intending to enter more than the One entry, I was invited here to allow people to see other samples I'd decided not to enter. Sorry if that confused you.
    My only entry is ...

  47. Wow just went through all the banners again and some incredible shots and banners. I must admit way harder to pick then I thought. Wish I could pick them all but no chance in that. I have my top 10 and will be posting soon... Good luck everyone.