Sunday, May 1, 2011

Images & Words ........... Fire Water Earth Air ....(Two Year Anniversary)

Welcome to our 2 year anniversary here at Images & Words.  Wow what an amazing trip it has been so far. The quality of work and heart and soul that goes into this every week from the participants amazes us all. Let me speak for all the administrators and give you all a big Thanks for being here week in and week out. We are all proud to be part of this amazing group. This week we chose the 4 elements of Fire Water Earth and Air. Each photo is from one of the administrators and the collage was compiled by Milli. You however can do all four or just one of the elements your choice. Thanks again and we are looking forward to seeing everyones entries.

The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.

2 year Anniversary  ...... Four Elements

Please click here to enlarge.


  1. Wow!!!
    A Great Big Happy Second Birthday to Images & Words.
    What a fantastic journey of special and magnificent creativity Joel.
    I personally have enjoyed every week and every theme.
    Congratulations to us ALL who participate weekly or as often as we can.
    This is a great theme and I was very happy to have joined all the admins in creating this special Collage.

  2. Happy Anniversary Joel and everyone! Yes, what great fun it's been and of course a huge thanks to Joel who is the creator of this group. Thanks also to all the members who make admining this group such a huge

    Can't wait to see what you will all show us with this theme....

  3. Happy Anniversary my friend gona have to work up something very special for the occasion LOL;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! You've chosen an excellent theme with which to celebrate.

  5. good job 'D'....nice theme folks, wish I had a volcano nearby.....but I know I have something I can use...and thanks for the good times

  6. Wow, has it been two years already? All of your pictures are great. Congrats for a great two yrs!

  7. *Benny Hill impersonation* "2 years today - 2 years today!" Congratulation on the biannial!
    Terrific theme for the occasion! Beautifully done with these marvellous images.

    Here is mine:

  8. Happy Anniversary to Images and Words!! :)

    will be thinking about this one for a bit....

  9. congradulations to us all
    back soon

  10. Congrats to this wonderful group on its 2 year anniversary. It certainly has been loads of fun and this week is no different. Great theme! I love yours shots, all beautiful to say the least.


  12. Quickly got my entry done. Now time to get ready for Church. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to start viewing all the entries for this really nice theme.

    Rockin' Heart Ranch Images & Words 2 Year Anniversary

  13. Hiya Joel. Happy Anniversary to IMAGES & WORDS. I've really enjoyed taking part in this group, long may it continue!! Great idea for the theme, plenty of scope!!

    who have made this group possible and the dedication of it's members
    so that it may continue to thrive!

    Beautiful theme and collage....Congrats on this achievement !


    Images & Words~Special Edition ~Second Anniversary

  15. Happy 2 Years Anniversary to Images and Words. It's been Fun~!!
    Thanks to all that make the group a success~!!
    Nice Theme Joel For This Special Week.
    Your four photos commemorate the occasion very nicely~!!

  16. Happy Anniversary! This is a great group to be a part of.

  17. The collage is beautiful. I was curious which picture went where?
    I can tell Amy's.
    Well done Milli.
    This is a keeper for sure.

  18. Mia is Fire, Joel is Water Amy is Air and I was Earth.
    They were signed but lost the signatures in the Collage.
    Mia's can just be seen if you click on it and enlarge the collage.
    So can Joel's.
    Thanks so much Sue....

  19. Wonderful theme, wonderful entries, will pop past later and check them all out. Here is mine: