Sunday, June 19, 2011

Images & Words #111-Light

Hi there again Friends,

Greetings from Mia and a rainy wintry NZ.. To brighten up our days I've
chosen the theme "LIGHT" for this weekend. Illustrated by  a shot
taken from the deck of my old house...

The light has come
sparkling on cool sea waters
showing the way home

The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words.

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.

So for Light, you can use anything that illustrates "Light" for you or has anything to do
with Light, enjoy! Will be such fun to see what you come up with...



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  1. Beautiful rays of sunlight - love the reflection on the water. Wonderful quote, dear Mia!

    Here is mine:

  2. Wintry? I'mm trade ya, you can have the 103 we're headed for today....

  3. Very lovely view Mia...Let me see what I can find too!

  4. Sometimes Lanie, but we have a lovely peaceful view here too and the quiet....

  5. A beautiful photo, have several ideas so I'll have to think a bit on this one. I never got around to all the posts last week. Maybe this afternoon during the heat of the day I'll do that. Have a great Sunday everyone.

  6. wonderful shot will go look and see what I can find

  7. WOW @ the awesome Light images I've seen this far! Looking forward to more tomorrow. Off to bed now,
    see you all in the morning...

  8. Haven't done one of these for a while. I'll see what I can come up with.

  9. That is one amazing photo, Mia.
    The bank of clouds look to be on land rather then in the sky....the silhouetting of the trees and reflection on the water sure makes for a beautiful scene!


    Images & Words #111 "Light"

  10. OMG! What a wonderful theme! I was going to do this soon :-).

  11. Beautiful photo and haiku, Milli! Absolutely glorious. Makes me think of the verse "God's in his heaven, All's right with the world" by Robert Browning.

    Images& Words Week # 111 ~ Light

  12. That is a truly beautiful shot .... love the words .... the beckoning light of home .....

  13. Sorry, I tried to get in, but...This is locked tight~!!

  14. Friends, you still have plenty of time to post your entries, I understand that you had Father's Day over there
    and a busy Sunday...

  15. It's been a while since I took part, but finally managed to get something done for this week:

  16. Beautiful image! I love the splashes of sunlight on the water.

    Here's my entry.

    Amy's Light