Saturday, August 27, 2011

Images & Words Week 121 - Transportation


Welcome to Images and Words #121

Milli has given me the honor of hosting this week’s

Images and Words.

Thank you, Milli. I’m delighted!


I decided to try something a little different. So, this week,

the theme is…


 “My Favorite Means of Transportation”

I look forward to seeing how you most like to get around.

Have Fun and Enjoy!

Best wishes from Virginia



The Rules

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. 

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them, quotes, or full poems...your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here. 

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.



  1. I'm going to have to improvise, Virginia....Unlike you I don't like any mode of travel. I did up until about 10 years ago.....old age phobia...LOL. So, if it's ok with our hostess I will post a mode of transportation....just not mine!

    that sky looks to be a nice one to soar above the clouds....nice photo and theme!

  2. That's fine, Linda. Actually, I'm expecting all different modes, including walking. So, do whatever suits you.

    It's my bedtime, so I'll see you all tomorrow.

  3. Easy one for me, hard to decide which photo. Will try to post by tomorrow night.

  4. Great idea Virginia and thanks for hosting this week!
    That's a lovely shot and I've always loved that song!

  5. I think everyone knows the transport I choose....getting the picture is tough....I will use one of Ethan’s late and I have had one to many at the party

  6. great theme will see what I can find

    yours is great

  7. Pleased to see you, Virginia, hosting this week's Image & Words.
    I like the theme as much as the photo and the quote. Great entry!

  8. Thank you, Belita. I'm thoroughly enjoying all the entries. They are wonderful!

  9. A Fantastic Theme.
    Thank You Virginia.
    That is a nice photo and I do love the song that the quote came from.
    I also like flying but have opted for something a bit different.

    Images & Words Week 121 ~ Transportation

  10. Deciding on photo was quite hard, so here's the result, hope you have time to stop by the "ranch" and take a look. In the mean time. Happy Trails to You, no matter what the means of transportation might be.

    Rockin' Heart Ranch Images & Words. #121

  11. Nice theme, Virginia. I'm having to post via the iPhone for now and completely missed Amy's theme for last week. Irene has blown over now so hoping I'll be able to get a few shots of tue cyclist in the park.

  12. Irene! Oh, dear. Do hope you're safe and sound. Can't wait to see the cyclist. LOL

  13. great shot and words virginia! and even though i just got back from a plane trip and just posted a photo of a plane landing i decided to go with a completly diff form of transportation :P

  14. ya!! and it's becoming a it!!! LOL

  15. Here is how i most like gettin' round whenever i get a chance to:)....get roundtuit'........q