Sunday, December 11, 2011

Images and Words week 136: Gratitude

Hi all, bAZ here I have been asked to host this weeks Images and Words, an honour I gladly accepted.

The last three weeks have been very special for me, I took my Mom on the adventure of a lifetime.

We went to Michigan to visit with my fiancée's family for Thanksgiving and then spent 2 weeks on a marathon road trip from Detroit in Michigan to St Augustine in Florida, visiting with many Multiply friends along the way.

This was a thank you to Mom for the very many years she spent nursing my Dad during a long and debilitating illness.

She gave up 40 years of her life to care for him and for that she has my unending gratitude.

My folks were the best parents a man could hope to have and I am grateful to both of them for making me the man I am today.

So finally, getting to the point, this weeks word is gratitude, I look forward to some amazing entries from you all as always.


This is Mum on one of the highest points on The Blue Ridge Mountains after a 2 day 700 mile drive from Michigan


The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. 

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here. 

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please.


  1. I am so pleased that accepted the offer to host Baz and how special your post is. Peggy looks gorgeous and I see your dad there too super imposed into this truly beautiful photo. I understand your feeling of gratitude on all levels. Thanks for hosting.

  2. I'm so glad you and your mom had such a wonderful trip and met so many friends. Your photo is beautiful. I'm not sure what I can use for this theme. Will have a think.

  3. LOL You know you would have hated it if I made it too easy Mitch;)

  4. How truly beautiful and special.

  5. OK here is my personal contribution as well;) Have a wonderful Sunday and may your God be with you;)

  6. Baz, this is a wonderful tribute.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! It's so awesome to see mom at the top of the mountain! A moment to treasure!!!!

  8. What a beautiful and touching tribute to your parents Baz and so glad to hear that the trip went well and that
    you all had a great time! Thank you for hosting this week, I'll be back tomorrow with something hopefully...

  9. wonderful of you and your mom and so glad all went well on your trip

    will have to think on this one a bit back soon

  10. Looks like this was on photo was taken on the Blue Ridge?
    Your mother is certainly one special lady, I feel truly blessed to have met you both! A wonderful expression of love is conveyed in your photo!

  11. Thank you my friend;) The feeling is mutual;)

  12. What a wonderful entry on GRATITUDE! How proud and grateful you must be of having such a Great Lady as MOTHER...May God bless her and you, too...

  13. Baz, Just wanted to say, You did a Great Job hosting and chose a Wonderful Theme.
    But, I just drew a blank this week....
    I Love your Image and Beautiful words, What a Tribute of Graditude to your parents.