Saturday, November 3, 2012

Images & Words -183 -Hidden Treasures

"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart"
M. Williamson
Images & Words -183 -Hidden Treasures
This is Sue hosting this week . We hope you all will join us on our blogger site
which is our new home.
Also don't forget to put your photo in our Group Pool on flickr.
There is a wonderful slideshow going on there.

Link for blogspot
If that doesn't work just right click and open in a new window.
Flickr link is in the slideshow.

Please take a minute to view it.


  1. I have an extremely busy week ahead of me but will try to think of something today.

  2. Will have to beg somebody to help me with the flickr thingie, have no idea. Will be back now now or tomorrow with mine. Nice theme Sue, you have such nice treasures in your back yard.

  3. Wonderful Theme Sue and I Love Your old truck, what a treasure to find.
    I'm drawing a blank, but, something may hit me later.

  4. Got my photo. Now to find the right words

  5. Is everyone gone ?? There must be some more entries???
    It is a easy theme....come on let's see what you have..