Sunday, January 27, 2013

Images And Words~ Week 195 ~~ Pot Luck

Hi Everyone,
I hope that you have had a good week.
It has been hectic here and today is the middle 'Sunday' of a Long weekend in Australia.
Yesterday was our Australia Day and full of excitement and fun for many.
Our Town and adjoining Towns hosted the Tour Down Under yesterday and it was a huge Success.
We seem to have gone on the map so to speak from this amazing cycling race held annually and it only gets bigger and better here each year.

Or Here For More and Views.

We have not been without dramas unfortunately in Australia this weekend.
Parts of the State of Queensland are under Deluge from some powerful weather systems, with flooding and destruction par for the course.
To everyone in Queensland suffering from this crisis I send my best thoughts for a good outcome for all concerned very soon.

For anyone interested in making there own easy calendar like the one above please click here..PhotoFunia

As you all know the calendar has been under construction so to speak and Kia has made up some really lovely drafts for us.
I have made a new page to hold Calendar submissions and will add more to it soon.
Or simply click on the new page in the top column.
Stay tuned for a surprise next week.
The theme today is Pot Luck which basically means you choose your own theme for this week
Enjoy the week ahead.
Cheers Milli.


  1. wow wonderful --love it love it Milli

  2. Terrific photo of a magnificent cave and Wonderful quote.

    1. Thank You Anders. It is an arch actually not a cave. But the capture could look either way.

  3. Happy Australia Day weekend, Milli :-)) Love your photo and quote. I'll get an entry done later today. By co-incidence, this week's PT Challenge, set by Anders, is "Fireworks and/or Celebrations", so I'm guessing you'll have something you can post!!

    I was seeing the devastation brought on by the flooding in Queensland on the news, it's a lot worse than the floods we had in the UK not so long ago. Thoughts and prayers for those going through it at the moment!!

    1. Thanks so much Mitch.
      It will get better but things are getting much worse before things start settle down for all the flood victims in Queensland and now NSW.
      Your good thoughts are much appreciated.

  4. Magnificent, Milli!! I love everything about your photo!

    Sorry to hear about the devastating flooding in your area...may mother nature swiftly revert back to her kindness!

    1. Hi Linda it is great to have you here with us now.
      I agree with you most sincerely. A Kind nature is what they need.

  5. The Australian people are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. this is my link for this week's potluck

  7. Thaats a beautiful capture Milli here is my contribution this week;)Images and Words

  8. A very nice calendar. Unfortunately I do not have the time to concentrate on calendar photos. Here is my entry for this week
    Pot Luck

  9. Happy Australian Day Milli .
    Thanks for the theme . Here is mt entry ,

  10. Your photo is really beautiful, Milli!!!!

  11. I am keeping your Aussie friends in my thoughts and prayers...
    Absolutely love your calendar photo.
    I want it hanging on my wall and later on in my scrapbook.

    I posted March & Sept. just now. I am loving everyone's photo's for the calendar. I think
    everyone has done a fabulous job. Cant wait to get it printed.
    Here is my entry for this week.

    1. You are such a sweetie Sue...I hope that you take photos of what you get printed.
      This format above is so easy and I welcome anyone to print this one out or go to the link and make their own.

  12. Hi Milli, we've had a lot of extreme weather, haven't we? I hope recovery in the area will be rapid. We're still reeling from the ravages of Sandy here. I love your photo and quotation by Alan Alda. It makes a lovely calendar. Thanks for the link. I'll try it out.

  13. here is mine.. Awesome pic there.. hugs, Lil

    Really loved how the calendars came out.. :)