Saturday, May 18, 2013

Images & Words - JUNK

Hi everyone this is Sue hosting this week and I chose JUNK for
our theme.
I don't know about you but I take lots of junk pictures.  I love 
anything rusty and old and cruddy.
Today I went to the Monroe swap meet. It is mostly for cars and car parts, but I was able to get some neat garden art for my garden.
I think I was the only one taking photos. But I found a few things to shoot.
Hope to see some participation in our fun group and some great 
photo's from you all..



  1. Terrific collage. Indeed so true. What some people discard as rubbish other people can find useful.

    My entry

  2. I love the theme and your shot this week Susan, here is mine;)
    Images and Words

  3. Fabulous collage, Sue! Good theme!
    Here is my entry


  4. I could very well have been arrested trying to get a pic for this theme.....If not anything else, it was one helluva adventure!

    that thar wsher machine shur is purty, Sue!! LOL

  5. Great post Sue!! I also agree with your quote. Here is my entry for this week.
    Images & Words ~210~ JUNK

  6. Good idea and love the variety of your "junk" picture
    J u n k

  7. Cool theme! I love the photo and I stand by that quote. It's so true!

    here's my entry:

  8. Thanks Anders! Could you please explain how to do the hyperlink on here?

  9. Of course. here is the way u do it
    1. type <
    2. type a href="your link"
    3. type >
    4. type My Link, for example
    5. type <
    6. type /a
    7. type >

    Hope it will help. :)

  10. Thanks Anders... I thinkI got it?