Sunday, July 28, 2013

Images & Words Week 221 - National And Regional Symbols

Greetings from Sweden.
This is Anders and Im your host for this week.
The theme for this week is National & Regional Symbols. Hope you'll enjoy this challenge. Looking forward to your entries. All the best Anders.

The quote means "We Scanians are honest men. Let the Unrightous beware of our wrath".

Wiki link about Scania


  1. Thanks for the theme my dear friend ' Honest man ^ .

  2. Hello Anders, What an great theme this week. This will be fun... :et me see what I can come up with & I will return soon~ ;~) I hope your having a wonderful weekend~~~~~ CHEERS~~~~~

  3. Well....I sure did have fun...though whiled away lots of time :-)

    all pics used I had to capture from the internet with my camera...then edit.

    I won't reveal the time spent since for me it was well spent while some may think it to be wasteful!

    I used the most popular(most noted) symbols for my home state of Florida....thanks for the theme.....I do so love my play/creative time!

  4. Your presentation is wonderful and the slogan SO FITS YOU!! you also have another post on your own page?

    1. Thanks Linda.

      No sorry dear - I havent done an extra since week 209.

  5. Great theme Anders. My puter is broken but Inwill try to get a post up
    on my Ipad.

  6. Susan this is the week I was trying to find my picture. I guess I have lost all these pictures too :'(