Saturday, January 18, 2014

Images & Words #246 -----------Oddities

I have to say they Calendar photo at the top is spectacular...I love it.

My photo was taken on a drive. I saw this odd thing and thought what the heck is that. A Boat or a Truck?  There was no water near by...Anybody seen anything like this before?


  1. I know i forgot the one D sorry..I am so excited about the Football game tomorrow I can hardly think straight.

  2. Wow, that really is the strangest looking contraption!!! LOL.

  3. Good Heavens , is it a truck, a tractor or a boat? Did you ever find out anything about why and how????? Wonderful image for oddities. Hugs .

  4. Terrific choice of theme. love the words

    here is My entry

  5. Great theme, Sue! I love your photo of the truck in the boat....very odd indeed, and such a great find!

    here's mine: