Saturday, March 15, 2014

Images & Words - Signs of Spring

This is Sue hosting this weeks theme and I have chosen "Signs of Spring". 
After such a long winter it seems wonderful to see signs of spring appearing everyday.

In the evening I hear the frogs croaking. I have seen the first flowers bloom. Felt
the warm sun on my face, heard the Robins singing.

So now it is time to plant our gardens: for spring is here.
My photo is unhatched Frog eggs.
For those who are in a different climate you can make that Autumn or Fall.

Have fun  : )



  1. Terrific and timely choice of theme. Love the photo and the words.

    Here is My entry

  2. Thanks Anders
    I hope we get some participants this week.

  3. I think Belitas header is my very favorite.. She is so clever...

  4. awesome theme....I have flowers galore I photographed just yesterday.....

    I am curious about your intriguing photo, Sue.....share some info?

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  7. Hi Sue this is a lovely theme and your post is very special indeed!!!

  8. Mine for this theme can be found here..