Sunday, May 18, 2014

Images and Words - Week 263 - Butterflies or Flowers.

Images and Words this week all about Butterflies or Flowers or the combination of both if you wish. Write your own verse, quote, haiku or find something written by another but don't forget to give that person credit after the quote. The photo chosen by me this week was taken over Easter. This Beautiful Monarch Butterfly befriended my Grand Daughters friend Elise and for quite some time it was more than happy to just sit on her hand or arm. I was in awe of how comfortable this wild butterfly made itself around the children. 

Enjoy your week. 

Cheers from Carol.


  1. Utterly sweet photo of the little girl and the butterfly - sounds like a children's book. Love the words,

    My entry

  2. A very special encounter between this lovely child and the butterfly and a beautiful message to all!

  3. Loved the theme Carol. And your photo is wonderful..She is darling.

  4. Wonderful picture .
    Mine is here :

  5. Milli, I really love this wonderful shot... the girl' eyes are telling me a lot about the butterfly walk on her fingers...


  6. I've been away for a while, and have missed the activity in this group as well as the nice communication with online friends.
    Butterflies and flowers

    1. Amalie I am so glad to see you back here..