Sunday, November 30, 2014

Images And Words Week 291 ~~~ Rain Drops

Carol aka Milli posting this week.
I am sure that everyone has at least one good capture of rain drops on something and I look forward to viewing your Images and Words this week!
I would also like to thank Anders for his diligent work on the Images and Words Archives now on FB. Our group started on Multiply over five years ago and as an admin from the beginning it has always been my pleasure to watch our group flourish and grow! We still maintain our Groups Flickr page and our Blogger site but it seems that now all the action is here on FB! I look forward to our week 300 coming up in early February. Susan Cameron Anders Hansén H and myself the three group admins will work on that special theme together. Enjoy the theme and Cheers this week from Australia!


  1. Thanking Terry B for this perfect Banner for December 2014

  2. Great theme Carol and beautiful photo
    let's see how many postings we get on bloghee?