Sunday, August 23, 2009

Images & Words #16 - WISDOM

Hi Dear Images & Words Friends,

Welcome back for another round of Images & Words.

It's Mia here again and this week I have chosen the word WISDOM, which I have illustrated with a Lotus photo and a Wisdom Haiga. I hope you enjoy!

Wisdom Haiga

So the theme is WISDOM, hope it will give you some inspiration and that you will have fun with it.

Rules of the site:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography. Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene.

Posts can either have one word on them, quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.
All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here.
New topics will be posted on Sundays. Posts can be made through Saturday.
One post per person only please.

Please remember to post a decent sized picture and if the words aren't easy to read, just type them underneath your photo.

 Drop your links here in the comment section please and also when you visit someone else's entry.

Have fun, and I'm looking forward to visiting you all as usual!




  1. hmmm a little harder but we will manage
    yours is wonderful mia

  2. Yes, I hope it's not too tricky, it's about finding a photographic symbol for wisdom or words containing that word.

    Here is my own one:

  3. What a beautiful shot of the lotus! I found a lotus pond this past week, and was enthralled with it, but I couldn't get close enough to the blossoms to get a clear shot. Lovely verse, Mia!

  4. Love your topic Mia and your shot !!!! I'll be back with mine !!!

  5. Love the topic, yet not a very easy one...
    Beautiful lotus flowers and words!
    Mine is up

  6. good morning everyone

    The lotus blossom is extraordinary....your capture and words reinforces that......beautiful, Mia

    Images and Words #16~Wisdom_or Lack Thereof

  7. Great idea for the theme Mia. I like your photo/haiku combo :-)) Here's mine:

  8. Gorgeous photo!

    I know the photo that I want to use, but it will take me a while to find it cuz I shot it several years and a couple of computers ago ;-). I'll be back.

  9. Wonderful, I have always thought that flower one of the most wonderful creations in nature, beautifully combined with words of enlightenment.
    here is my contribution this week.

  10. Rita, that links us back here....

  11. this theme is a little bit difficult for me, sorry

  12. Hey friends..I did some editing to my image I posted ~ Well I accidentally lost two comments. I love your comments. Anders was one that left a comment but I can't recall the other person. I learned a variable lesson here "if it's not broken, don't try too fix it"
    I forgot too add my name to my image, after doing so and reposting the image. I lost the two comments. So if the other person wouldn't mind returning too my image and leaving a comment. Thanks and greatly appreciated. ~connie

  13. Whew! This was a challenge! But I found the photo I wanted and I hope you will enjoy it.

  14. Haven't posted in a long time.... ugh. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

  15. Rita...your link brings me right back to this page...anyone else having this prob?

  16. Hello everyone. So sorry I'm late - I've been trying to catch up with EVERYTHING! Mia, your photo and words are absolutely stunning.

  17. Thanks everyone who have joined in this far, wonderful entries all of them.A warm selcome also to our new members. I thought I would give you a more challenging topic this week as my last one (Red) was so easy lol, and you all outdid yourselves!

    Remember you have til Saturday to post entries, so no rush at all!

  18. Mia, that was a wonderful challenge,and it was a lovely, lovely Sunday spent viewing entries. I await with much anticipation the challenges of the coming weeks, it's so addictive!

  19. Thanks Debby, glad you enjoyed it!

  20. How beautiful... the lotus always saids Wisdom to me... The B&W simplifies it even more for a really peaceful effect!

    I know it states we have till Saturday but I always feel late posting on Monday... Still have all week to enjoy the others though.

  21. Another beautiful entry from you, Mia!
    I could't resist participating this week, and here is my entry:

  22. I love the lotus flower and the haiga, beautiful! I am new here and am not sure I did it right, but had fun going out today and taking tons of nature shots to go with my words,,,so here is my entry:

  23. love the photo and the words...great entry...will be back with mine..

    here is my late entry...