Monday, November 30, 2009

Question from Member

What is the easiest way to avoid email alerts to the participants pages I have visited and commented on but still receive email alerts when the administrators post a new theme ?

The only way I am aware of doing this is by stopping all emails. To do this you click on the My Account button in the upper right corner ... Once there you click on My Email Alerts ..... Then you uncheck any buttons you do not want email alerts from. If anyone knows another way please let us know....Thanks ...Joel


  1. when it alerts you, go to Multiply and click off the post that you went disappears and so do the alerts..

  2. Yes you can do that that, just unpin the post like ethansdad says above, but all you need to do really is change your alert settings so that you don't get alerts for replies to posts. That way you still get an alert when a new theme is posted but not for the replies. You do that easiest from your email page.
    Click on the e-mail alert and "manage alert settings" automatically comes up.

    I wouldn't stop all e-mails Joel, that is very drastic and then you don't get any alerts what so ever.

  3. that works but then you miss all your friends replies on other posts

  4. No you don't Dana, you are just changing the alert for that Group only.
    I just did it for a new group I just joined.

  5. I assume here that we are talking about e-mail alerts, not things showing up in the Multiply Inbox.??
    As far as I know that's two different things. The e-mail alerts go to your personal e-mail address, the inbox alert just show up on your Multiply Inbox page.... Looking back at the question now, I'm not sure....

  6. joel, the way u explained it, is the only way.. i no longer get them going to my personal email.. but here, yes, they do appear in the way to get around it except to hit that X after their alert