Sunday, March 6, 2011

Images & Words #96- FUN

Hi Friends,

Welcome back for another week with Images and Words.
My (Mia's) turn to host again.I decided it was
time for some FUN , so this week I'd like to see  you showing something
FUN or showing somebody having FUN. That should bring smile to our faces don't
you think?

Here is little Clara having great FUN in our playground. The bridge
leads up to a slide and sandpit...

It's fun to be a little girl
to run, then slide and twist and twirl
to have bare feet and a pretty dress
to be just four, no more, no less
by Mia
The Rules:

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. 

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here. 

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please

Have fun with the fun lol



  1. What a FUN topic, Mia. Will be back with my entry.

  2. Delightful Mia, absolutely delightful is Clara and this weeks theme.
    You have shown Clara's family this gorgeous photo I hope because I am sure that they would love a copy.
    Congratulations on your beautiful banner for this month too.
    I will return.

  3. Thanks Milli, no I haven't showed them yet, I've just started working with their photos again.
    Yes, I hope they'll like them...

  4. fun what fun thanks for a great theme

  5. yes...this will be as fun as playing in the sand

  6. Gorgeous shot Mia ...Love it... Now I have to think of something fun !!! Your banner does look awesome too !!!!

  7. Thanks Joel for putting it up. Color co-ordinated with my entry lol...

  8. pretty little girl and such a sweet verse!
    a stunning photo !beautiful banner, too !

  9. Thats a nice pic and kids live in their own world and have a blast. I would love to be 4 again and run amok thru the world once more... :)

  10. Okay back with my link and something a little different. This is a shot of my best friend at the lake.

  11. This IS delightful. You hit me where my greatest, fondest memories roam. Looks like a beach photo with dune grass. Love the colors and little Clara really brings it all together in her pretty little dress.

  12. Oh my goodness that's an adorable photo! I love the texture of her hair, the rope, and the plants. Your poem is perfect :-)

  13. I like having FUN! And boy oh boy I've been lucky enough to have tons of it through the years. It's easy when you raise boys to men.

  14. I said on my page, nobody has fun quite like dogs and children :)

  15. Alright... trying to get back in the swing of things here. This was from when my sister and her kids visited last summer. We all went to Jetty Island and the kids had a blast.

  16. Lovely photo of an adorable little girl...she looks so sweet! Love her dress!

  17. Love your picture of Clara.
    Here is my fun entry,back tomorrow to read the others.Its getting late here.

  18. Love little Clara having fun. Nice theme Mia, but we have fun all the time *grins* Get to you all a bit later, my internet connection has been playing up for a couple of days, today is a work day though :-( , so catch up tonight !

  19. Thanks everyone for the delightful FUN entries so far, laughing out loud at lots of them he he he..
    Keep them coming folks!

  20. here's mine...I havent done my Images and Words for awhile..always Mia revives me...tee is mine...

  21. Awesome picture of clara...she's like a dream....:)

  22. Mia I just love little Clara. Also love
    The new banner.
    Fun Fun theme. I will be back with
    something fun later.
    I just spent yesterday taking pics of
    an old mental institution. 1912.
    It was in the TV show about Ghosts and
    being haunted.

  23. Oh, I'm looking forward to seeing those shots Sue (shaking within lol)

  24. Thank you Mia for this lovely theme. Have had connection hassles but finally seems to be steady, here is mine. Will get around to look at all the others later I hope

  25. I can't do this one without my Good theme Mia. Simple, cheery...perfect for these dreary days of slush and ice.

  26. I've been slacking on the postings .. sorry, time to get back in the groove

  27. I think I have finally seen all the entries

  28. And new ones to come shortly with the new theme lol!!

  29. Looking forward to new theme. Just having a hard time finding time this week for all my computer fun things. Closer to summer the less time I'll have for the computer.