Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey all Images & Words members remember to get your 2 favorite photo links posted . They will be put into a Group album for everyone to enjoy. Don't miss the fun. Just drop off your link and Lanie will post them to an Album for you.



    Lets us see what you have? This is going to be fun.
    It doesn't matter if you haven't joined in for a while. You are still welcome. We
    would love to have you join.

  2. I am amazed at how few have dropped links....I sure hope it's only because they have yet to sign into Multiply and see the post.

  3. It involves a bit of work I guess, meaning that you have got to go through your old entries somehow and then find the two you want to post links to. So might take some time before people get it done (I haven't yet lol)...

  4. Hi Mia we are so looking forward to your two links.
    We have missed You and Joel.

  5. Hi Mia
    It really isn't hard work. I just go to my blog and scroll down
    until I see a post I want to see then click on it. Then grab the code...
    Or go to where your links are kept like mine are at Photobucket and find the
    Album and grab the link there.

    I hope you post something you had some really great shots...
    Will be waiting to see yours.....

  6. Ok now work is done and time to play. going back is good and I am looking forward to it. It will only add to tomorrow.

  7. Great Randal I am looking forward to see what
    you come up with...

  8. But not tonight. LOL I am just laying out and realizing life is good!

  9. You have chosen two greats here Randall.
    So glad that you chose to join us.

  10. I might be slow as a slug, But I get there sooner or later. LOL

  11. Randal I love your Seaguls and love the other
    pic. You did a cool job on it....Very clever.
    Sure glad you posted these for the album.