Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi all members

I would like to know where you at present have made your new home in order to get a handle on where you have moved and where the majority of you are at present.. Hope this ok with you.

Kindest regards and best to you all

I am primarily on Blogger and Boomer, Flikr for IAW. Otherwise FB.

So here it is as stands

Blogger 15 (Me, Nic, A99, Mitchr, Heidi, Pat, Callie, Milli, Belita, Sue, Anne, Lynda, Jacob, Milli & Leadie)

Boomer 8 (Me, Callie, Milli, Belita, Sue, Anne, Lynda, & Leadie)

Wordpress 6 (Heidi, Cleunz, Sue, Amalie, Milli & Pat)

Ipernity 5 (Me, Nic, Sue, Mik94 & Heidi)

Zanga 2 (Lynda & Sue)


  1. I am on blogger and ipernity plus fb

  2. Hi Anders, Blogger at the moment. Perhaps another place when I find the right one.

  3. Blogger,Blogster,Ipernity,Wordpress

  4. I have not decided. Probably Blog Spot and Xanga so far even though I have others open.

  5. Hi Anders...thanks for asking where we have all settled into.

    After searching since back this past April, and taking up residence on 4 different sites, I have decided HANDS DOWN to remain at myboomerplace. I am all done searching and moving! I do have an open acct. in blogspot for one reason...and one reason only and that is for Creative Challenge.......however it is not a definite to keep that open as it does not generate enough activity from other members to maintain . So, I'm at Boomer and I'm not budging....Utopia does NOT exist and I'm more than content where I am.

    I'll tell ya one thing that would make everyone content no matter where they have settled and that is for their sites to ALLOW VISITORS and COMMENTS from people who are not members for certain posts such as GROUPS where members are spread out all over the internet!

    I know you are at Boomer along with Milli, Weenie, Sue, Anne, Belita and perhaps more. I highly recommend Boomer...not because I happen to be there, but because for anyone looking for a Multiply clone this is the closest!

  6. Boomer is where I'm staying.
    I agree with Linda, It is the most like Multiply and the easiest to figure out.
    AND, It is NOT an "Old" Folks home, Giggle.......As it was labeled in this weeks Image and Words.
    If it is , then so are all these other places, cause... I see the same Folks there as I do on Boomer.
    I also have an open account on Blogspot, Google+, Flicker, just testing them. I can't figure them out.
    And... Of Course... Facebook......Anybody can figure it out, it is so Simple.

  7. im mainly on blogger and fb.. havent tried boomer yet but intend to soon

  8. It does not matter to me where the group goes. There is a possibility that I will stop most of my photo blog activities when Multiply closes. I have narrowed down to Xanga and Blog Spot for now and things about each that I don't like or find difficult. Tried 5 different places.

  9. I am on all of those.
    I am just checking out
    Looks like multiply, but I can't understand whatever language they are using, except English of course.
    It is worth a look see.

  10. Has anyone checked out
    What do you think??!??

  11. Also Boomer isn't just for old people. There are
    young people there too.
    They are very friendly there.
    I agree I don't like the name either..
    Some just go by Boomer.

  12. Thanks all for your letting us now where your new homes are.

  13. Hi Anders you have done well my friend.
    I am also on WordPress.
    Looks like Blogger has won the race.

  14. I just wish some site would measure up to Multiply.

  15. It's all in French - I wouldn't have problem with it, but why complicated when you can have it simpler in english.

  16. perhaps I see something nobody else is seeing...BUT, I think My Boomer Place is awesome and the closet thing to Multiply that I have yet to see. However......I do have a site in Blogspot...... but, I will be closing it as soon as Multiply shuts, I will no longer be participating in I&Q if that will be the groups home.One blog site is more than enough to handle for me.......I know this sounds laughable....but I wish we could sue Multiply for punitive damages...pain and suffering...LOL~!!!!

  17. Just for your reference, I closed my Boomer account a few weeks ago. Blogger only, it's enough.

  18. I am on Blogger only, closing off when I can figure it out on Boomer Xanga and Ipernity, cannot remember what else I tried, but am staying on here, for sure.