Sunday, September 16, 2012

Images and Words ~~~ Open ~ Week 176

Hi Everyone

It was Sue's Turn to host today but she is celebrating her birthday with her family and so I am taking her place.
Happy Birthday Sue..Enjoy!


Thanks Joel for hosting last week it was wonderful to have you guest host and as for the toga party was a hoot!! lol.


Now down to business.

I have noticed that we have Flickr running but not with much action.

Here on Multiply it is drying up daily with most just passing through.

I tried to import my posts to Blogger without much success but I must admit I have quite a store here of years worth of posts and will start deleting those I have no affection for.
I did notice one thing though.
Some of My images from my Images And Words personal posts have gone only to be replaced with photos from my albums and not in the least are they what was placed into the post at the time I blogged.
So I have no idea why these particular I&W's have been removed and replaced with other photos. I can not find the removed photos anywhere in my blogs either.

More news.
We have a group for Images And Words at Boomer Place.

This is a very nice site. Very Friendly and I know that some of you are already posting there.

Please feel free to join and try and invite your friends too.

I have made this an Annexe site and I will also make another annexe either on FB or


Where ever you are posting and of course you can do multiple posts if needs be, please leave your comment here with your links.

Today our theme is


Interpret as you wish and of course you can still use Flickr as your base if you want to.

Cheers - Milli

Group Rules

Each week we will post an original photo with words on it. The idea behind this group is to expand our minds through our photography.

 Photos must be your own, but the words can be someone else's as long as credit is given after the words. 

Your post can either be serious, or if you'd like comical, but never obscene .

Posts can either have one word on them,quotes, or full poems ... Your choice.

All posts are to be done on your own site in a blog form with a link back to it being left here. See the example below in the blog titled Test Run.

New topics will be posted on Sundays.

Posts can be made through Saturday.

One post per person only please. 

Please Note!!
You are encouraged to open your I &;W post to all group members. Thank You.


  1. Hi, Milli.....the effervescent , bubbly tone in your words is not here today....and I can surmise why. This group, Danette's, group and many others are suffering due to the 'flock' going hither and yon. This is so sad.... My heart is only with this and C reative Challenge. I would be lost if these two groups just folded up. I totally understand that not all members will join the same sites outside of Multipy....and it is for this reason the group is suffering. I don't have the answer but I certainly wish someone did and would share it so we can breathe life back into this amazing group!!!!

  2. Does this mean that the new place will be Boomer Place? Shame, because that is one place I will never go to. Not ready for the old people's home yet. I am in Blogger and WordPress and will stay there. Like Blogger because I can be creative and like WordPress as I already have contact with a few writers (not from Multiply) as well as quite a few of my colleagues from Multiply.. Up to now I have found no problem with Creative Challenge in Blogger, but perhaps there might be one I have not seen. Most of my contacts seem to be contributing regularly. Flickr is ok with me at the moment. Must just see what happens. And now to see what I find for open.

  3. Hi Callie.
    I must admit that it is so disheartening and such a task to get us all involved together at a special venue however I am not one to give up lol...
    As you may or not know I have started the annexe in Boomer and thanks to you for suggesting Boomer Place in the first instance.
    It is a nice site and very friendly.
    I can see familiar faces posting there already so I thought I would try to bring us already there together in this I&W annexe.

    I am still using Flickr and found it excellent for bringing my photos over to both Boomer and Blogger by using the HTML code for Boomer and the copy and paste into Blogger.

    If anyone needs help Anders will be available later when my zzz time happens.

    Otherwise just leave a comment here and I will get back to anyone who needs any info in my morning.

  4. It is not Pat. Boomers is an annexe for this group because there are quite a few active members there.
    Actually I think that you might be wrong with your impression of Boomers. I have not encountered old thinking people at all. LOL.

    .As I said FB and Blogger are still options but after seeing how Baz's Next Shot Group has been received it makes it lloks bit dicey at this moment. I love Blogger for the beautiful and creative way that I can make my posts. So I am staying there.
    I also like wordpress too but have not found many from Multiply there yet.
    Post any place that you wish to and live your links I for one will be in to visit you and comment on your post.

  5. Dear Milli - Im sorry you're having trouble with your old blog entries photos - sounds mysterious indeed. Thanks for setting a "home" on Boomer's Place. You are doing a terrific job and we all appreciate your wonderful work.

    That is a grea photo and perfect words.

    Here are links to my entry.

    My Google post
    My Multiplty post
    My Boomer's Place post

  6. Milli, I understand your point of view. However, I think it would be better to stick to one or two sites, only! I'm afraid most members will give up posting, otherwise. Posting entries on three sites requires time and it may become a bit discouraging. I, myself, feel so...

  7. Milli...I'm afraid I interpreted the theme "OPEN" as in "potluck" but only after I created my presentation did I come back here and realize I may be wrong? I created a 'potluck theme" but not sharing link until I know that is what you meant by "OPEN"

  8. May I be so bold to address a comment made here about My Boomer Place?
    It would be a turn off to many who might consider joining the site if they were to conclude it to being an 'old folk's home' since it was referred as such.The site is GEARED for mature adults age 35 and up.

  9. Hi will put mine up in the AM
    Am on Blogger and Wordpress

  10. Callie Open. Means potluck or open to. Your own interpretation this week.

  11. Hi Belita please post only where you wish to post. All I ask is that you first post. In Flickr with a link to your blog left under your photo. For now multiply is a base but it can be relied upon in the future.

  12. I am having such a hard time learning all these new sites.

  13. Hi Lynda if you are on Blogger just post there please. Use Flickr as a base to leave your link if possible and do not worry about anything else. This is meant to be fun not a chore. xo

  14. I'm posting here on Multiply until kicked out

  15. Of course that option has never been deleted Lynda.
    As long as we are posting here you have the option to post here.
    I must admit though that i was very displeased to have my personal photos on I&W posts removed and others from my album placed into the post instead. I hope you don't have the same thing happen too!
    The other alternatives are for our future and many are happy to start anew now.

  16. Here a couple of examples of missing I&W photos and replacements being submitted but not by me.

    and this one..

    these photos have nothing to do with what I first posted.

    Is anyone else finding this too?

  17. A late Happy Birthday, Sue!

    Lovely Hibiscus, Milli and that's one of my favorites by Browning.

    Images & Words Week # 176 ~ Open

  18. Boy, all of this is confusing! Sick with my first cold of the year, so maybe that's adding to my confusion. I'll try to repost on Flickr and Blogger when I'm at the point that I can swipe the cobwebs from my brain. I can't view Lady Callie's Boomer Place because I haven't made an account there. Is this another angle we're considering? Forgive me if I'm not with it today. I'll catch up later.

  19. I have now 2 sites:
    1. one on WordPress, which I really like, Welcome there!

    2. I have also one on Blogger, used just to keep in touch with some online friends.

    Flickr is wellknown and used for years.

    I have tested several sites, and won't use more time on that now, either they are for "old people" or for young ;-)

    I don't think we shall fear that this group is facing its' end, because we can in most cases link to each others' sites. Posting blogs on several sites is annoying as Belita indicated.

  20. Thank you so much for the Birthday
    wishes. That is very special. You made
    my day.
    Wow! I feel like a million $$$$
    I will be posting when I get on my outer
    and thank
    You for taking my
    Place Milli this week...

    I posted this with my IPad. I hope this link is clickable?

  22. I DID IT~!! The week is NOT over Yet... Giggle..
    Here it is.....Drum Roll... :
    My "OPEN"...

    Wonderful Entry, and Theme...Just Beautiful, as always,Milli~!!

    Weenie Joy

  23. I have posted an I and W entry on my site on WordPress: It's open for all to see. Not sure if it's posible to post from Multiply account, but try!