Sunday, January 13, 2013

Images And Words Week 193 ~ Old Buildings

Good Day To All The Wonderful Members of Images And Words.
This week I have chosen the Theme of 
Old Buildings.

As most of you are aware the I&W calendar is scheduled for next week. Anders is hosting this event.
Some of you have already placed your selected month into our Flickr album and also onto your own sites.
If you are not aware of any of this you can read from Anders Post HERE and follow up information has been posted in the blog preceding this one HERE.
I am trying to make a set on my Flickr account of all I&W's uploaded for this calendar. Once I have them all together as a set you can take your personal calendar entry out of the group pool.
I thought it would be better for us to have all the photos together in a set for ease of sharing.
One very important requirement for any Photos submitted for the Calendar set is that the Quotes must be present with your signature on your photos. If you can't do it yourself one of the admins will help you out. So let us know if you are struggling please.
Well that is enough from me for now so back to our theme this week.
Have Fun 


  1. Sorry, Milli, for my misunderstanding. I had understood the calendar page would be for this week, the reason why I've posted it already. By the way, love the photo of the old building. Its indoors must be beautiful...

    1. That is quite ok Belita.
      I have placed the few photos that were uploaded into my Flickr album as a set.
      It gives me a bit of time to get things sorted so please do not worry.
      Thanks for your comment on the Beautiful old church. It was Charming.

  2. What a lovely church! So warm and inviting, exactly as we want it to be!

  3. Wonderful of the old church. Very befitting words.

    Thanks for helping me with calendar preparations.

  4. Not sure if I'll have time this week for an entry, will just have to wait til I get back home. Nice example

  5. What a beautiful capture Milli. I love the textures and style of this beautiful old church.
    I hope my picture stays on my blogger site as I have been getting those little circles again with mussing pictures.???

  6. That is a beautiful photo Milli and in such great nick for an old building.

    I will be back with mine.

  7. No fancy words, just a title and a photo that is very similar to your wonderful old building. It's the location that is the theme for mine.

    Lynda's Images & Words

  8. I did the link exactly as Anders showd us and it came up that there were illegal characters in it.???????

    I can go straight to Image and Words from flicker if that is okay next time?

    1. Dear - computors are indomitable - every character must be written in - <...a href="addie"...> link <....a/...>

      ive put the ... so that the code wil show.

  9. How lovely this church, I like those colors. Milli

    My I & W: Old Building

  10. A wonderful shot and theme Milli;)

  11. Your pic is a great hint for us :)

    Here's my entry:

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Weenie. Are you going to submit this week?

  13. HERE IT IS

  14. Hi everyone!!.....I have been GONE from Blogspot but not from I&W. MIlli set up an annex account in "MYBOOMERPLACE" and every week, Anders has copied the week's them here onto the "Boomer" page. The group never took off in their...why....I don't know.

    Anders has gone above and beyond to see that I&W remained in "BOOMER" just FOR ME! Well......I got to thinking about all that and decided it was time to relieve him of the extra work and if she so desires, Milli can now close the group in Boomer as I am officially back to BLOGSPOT for this group and one other.

    ( this week's theme I noticed in here says old buildings but Anders somehow left off the word "OLD" when he posted it in "BOOMER". SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I didn't exaclty MEET this week's theme as my building is anything but old!! LOL )

    This coding to drop the link I found difficult before and I'm afraid I still here's my URL, and I can almost BET that Anders will change it for me!!!! It's nice to be back!!

  15. Hope I have mine done right.. Glad to be here.. Hugs, Lil

    1. I tried to get in but couldn' sorry!!