Thursday, January 10, 2013

Information About the I&W Calendar & Guide.

As you have already read from Anders Note and His latest Post our Calendar for I&W 2013 is now getting closer to becoming a reality.
First of all I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to offer their I&W for this Calendar and for choosing a month for the display of their creative work. We still have some more months to fill so please check out Anders post before this one HERE.
I have done some research and found a page from Google with many Free Calendar programs on offer and the link is HERE.
Of the many on offer I have chosen the Smilebox Free version to download on my PC.
Try it yourself and let me know what you think please? Remember though that it is very limited as a free download but they do have a special rate for the year if you decide to go further with the program.
Also if you choose another program or have a program for calendars that you prefer please let us all know.

We already have a master piece in our Flickr album presented by Debby.

Photo Above By Debby DKV and is here for display purposes only.
Thank you Debby for your beautiful September Submission.
 I urge everyone who submits an I&W for the Calendar to upload their master piece into Flickr for many reasons.
Having all the images in one place will be very helpful for collating the Calendar not only by us admins but also by those members who wish to make a personal Calendar for themselves from all the master pieces on offer from this wonderful group.
You can make up your personal calendar as a desktop creation or as a physical calendar by means of any of the programs found above. You can even use SNAPFISH or your own local Digital Image Service to create a Very Special Calendar for your home.
One other mention must be made here and that is When we upload our photos for this Calendar then we must also allow our photos to be shared and if you are not happy to do so will you please acknowledge that you do not want your image used by other members of the group. You might like to place a water mark on your image or something else but please let us know that you are not willing to share please.
For all others who are happy to share there is a prerequisite that has been omitted by some when they have uploaded their image into Flickr or even on their own Blogs.  Please sign your amazing works of art. You are the creator of these wonderful I&W's and we want everyone to know that it is your work.
So please sign your work so as to be seen but of course not obtrusively. We want you to take the credit but not to spoil your work.
Another small problem we have is that there are some of us not writing our Quotes on our Images, this causes a few problems for things like a Calendar where we need everything contained within the Image and not separate. You can make a border around your image and make the text in the bottom of the border section if you wish to do that or if you have seen another member do something that you would like to do for your image please ask them how they did it in a comment under this post. I am sure that other members will be happy to help you.
Below is a mock up I have done using a photo of mine edited in Picasa which is a download from Google.
I framed it with a border making it large enough at the bottom to add the text.
I found a great free site for a Year 2013 Calendar and utilised the the first Quarter text for my sample below. Remember though that you will need to supply the photo for this program because it is just a plain and simple Calendar.

Have fun playing and don't forget to add your month to the list.

Cheers for now.


  1. Good info ..Love your car photo.
    Did I get June?

  2. I am having a hard time keeping us. Too much going on in real life to keep up on the cyber world postings.

  3. Okay ... I am done but have absolutely no idea how to get my contribution into flickr ...

    Here is the link to my page .....


  4. Milli, I love your car photo... very cool colour!

    My month is up


  5. Dear friends if you want to save your Calendar entries and publish them on the 20th of January when 194 is due - just unpublish them - and you can revert to draft by which your entry is temporarily
    taken from the viewed blog and held for publishing.

  6. Hi Anders and Milli.
    Confused as usual. Do we do our photos now or have the rest of the year to do them? Is it possible to do them, send them to you and you use them when needed?
    The reason I am concerned about this is because of health issues.

    I saw my doctor this morning and my meds have been changed ...again. This is doing my head in and will until we find one that is compatible.

    Hugs and a heartfelt thank you both for the help you have been kind enough to give me.

    1. Dear Shayna get onto your Calendar ASAP. Anders will be posting about it on Sunday.
      You do a normal post for this on Sunday night so no need to send them to us. We can pick your entry up from your post or from Flickr if you choose to place it there.
      Get well very soon.
      Cheers - And Thanks- Milli.

  7. It all looks wonderful, Milli. Well done. I have eventually finished mine, sure hope it is suitable, was wondering if I should do a landscape from Africa. Please send me message if another would be better?

    1. Ive added ur comment from the note on the main blog, dear. Your choice of april pic is perfect.

    2. What you have made is Gorgeous Marianne.