Monday, June 10, 2013

Images & Words # 214 - FRUIT

Images & Words - This is Sue hosting and I hope you like the theme.
 I had to go away for a few days so I am so very sorry this is posted late?
I also wanted to thank Milli for honoring my photo as a header.  I love all of the header pictures and wish always that I had been the one to get the great shots.

My photo was taken while hiking in the woods on a trail to Mt. Si.  it is a wild Salmon Berry. They come in red and orange and are very tasty.    The Bears love them.   Hope none were watching when I sampled some.  Lol!
Enjoy the theme this week and I hope we get lots of entries and try to keep this group going...
It is such a fun group with such neat people posting here..

Keep on shooting......0o0 Salmon Berry -fruit - I&W


  1. Absolutely stunning shot, Sue! Love it. Great theme, too. I'll have to scout about for some fruit.

  2. Wonderful shot of a beautiful berry that I have never seen before.... what a colour!


  3. yummy, Sue....what a photo!!

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  5. So beautiful Sue and a cute little story to accompany the gorgeous capture.
    Your header photo is awesome Sue and well deserved as the header.
    Welcome back and I am off to find some fruit for this weeks challenge.

    1. Mine is here...

  6. Wonderful and irridescent berries and perfect quote to fit the theme.

    My entry

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  8. A wonderful capture sue for a great theme;) Here is my contribution: Images and Words

  9. Stunning combination .
    I guess the number in the heading must be 214 not 2014

  10. here's mine: