Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Header From a Calendar Submission By Sue For June.

Hi To All Dear Friends and Members.
Sue is off in the wild blue yonder for a couple of days and has asked me to let you all know that if our I&W this week is a little late it is because she is out for the weekend taking more photos like the beautiful header above.
You are forgiven entirely Sue and we will all await your new theme as soon as you can get into a good reception area.
Congratulations on this truly gorgeous I&W Sue which is proudly sitting atop our page as our new Header.
I am also away for a couple of days and fortunately have internet connection.
It is The Queen's Birthday Long weekend here, which is rather an unusual time to celebrate Her Majesty's  Birthday which actually fell in April. No one is complaining though here in Australia because this is a welcome long weekend for many in this colder month of June.
Happy Birthday To Our Queen and to any others celebrating their birthdays this month also.
Cheers From Milli. XO


  1. Indeed, there is nothing to forgive, Sue, we all love you and cherish your friendship. Looking forward to your blog and photo when you can come back online connection again. That is a glorious mountain vista. Just the kind of place I'd like to go to.

  2. Stunning photo......looks like something out of NatGeo!!
    Enjoy the couple days away Sue....and capture the beauty that you see!!

    Milli....enjoy your couple of days away also......I bet you'll bring your camera...LOL

    1. Thanks Linda I do have it and will try to find something lovely for you!

  3. Sue's mountain shots are always breathtaking. The header shot is another stunner!!

  4. Better late than never . Thanks for your hard work for darryinh on the I&W . Enjoy the weekend .

  5. Lovely photo, Sue! Waiting patiently for our new theme.

  6. Beautiful shot, Sue! Hope you are enjoying your weekend an taking lovely photos...

  7. Thank s to everyone for the nice words .. You all are the best..